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A Waiter Made 30000 USD in Just 30 Days By Just Doing This Job

I really don't want to show this but I think it will help motivate some of you to learn more about making money in the internet. Yo...

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

A Waiter Made 30000 USD in Just 30 Days By Just Doing This Job

I really don't want to show this but I think it will help motivate some of you to learn more about making money in the internet.

You are looking at my highest but a very small amount of my earnings compare to this guy that I met a long time ago.

So long ago a guy came to me seeking an opportunity, he was a family guy who works as a waiter with low salary day job. A father with 2 children and married to a simple housewife. He is looking to make some extra cash because his current salary is not enough. 

I told this guy that you can make extra money in the internet. I demonstrated to him how I do it - the basics and the most important thing to acquire - (INFORMATION = GOLD). With his little knowledge and skills on computer - I doubted that he could make it. But I was wrong. 

Three years passed - I heard his name again and couldn't believe how far that guy had reach. A close friend (which is his friend also) told me about his success story and how that day change his life. He made over 30,000 USD in 30 days. Now his big time. Having a great time of his life and family.   However I never personally met him again until a friend invited him to see me. His now driving a new car and live in a 2 million Pesos worth of house in a subdivision. 

We talked and then showed me his actual earnings - I was amazed . I found out that some of his earnings were diversified from many sources of income but the same affiliate marketing strategy that I have told him before - Hands down to the new master. There are lot of ways to make money online, if you want to learn more about affiliate marketing click here -->http://bit.ly/297vJfA --- The site contains step by step videos the will show you how its done - the same techniques that I told him about. Good luck and thank me later. 

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

How to Double Your Income Using Facebook Groups

In my last post I have shared to you 3 easy steps to make money on Facebook, now in this post we will double your income using the same technique but doing it on Facebook groups.

Have you ever join a group on Facebook? If not then you'll probably need to do it now because this is where all the gems or gold are. If pages are great then facebook groups are even more interesting because joining is easy and interaction with other people can be helpful.

So here's how to join facebook group:

1. Login to your Facebook account, then in the search box type anything that is related to your busines or product. In this example I will be promoting about Relationship and Marriage ebook - so I will be search about Relationship Advice. Press ENTER.  see image below

2. Next is to click Groups tab. Please see screenshot

3. You will now see a list of groups - find a group that has more users then click JOIN - wait for the Admin for approval before you can post anything.

Do not stop on 1 group, join as many as you can and try to be active in the group.

When you get approve, do not promote any links yet. Simply join the discussion and share your own opinion about the topic. And be nice in the community.

Once you get things right, you can now simply apply the same technique by uploading image with description and product link. Again do not spam the group, or else you will be banned.

3 Easy Steps to Make Money On Facebook

One of the techniques that I use to promote my product is through facebook page. The results are positive, I made about $100 on a single sale and expecting more to come in the next few days. I'm going to share to you how I do it. You'll be surprise how easy it is to promote on facebook. You don't need to know any skills, in fact what you're doing now on facebook just need a little tweak.

If you're promoting products such as Relationship Ebooks, Self-Help Ebooks or anything related to improving one's life then follow the example below.

Step by step on how to easily promote your product on Facebook:

1. Use Google to search for image quotes or sayings:

2. Find sayings and save it to your computer. - Right Click image - Save image as

3. Once you've downloaded the image, upload it to your facebook timeline or page with description and ofcourse your product link. See example below.

Caution do not over do it because you're friends or followers might think you're spamming them - they would probably hate that.

You can send / upload images at random time. 

Sunday, July 3, 2016

My Clickbank Earnings is Not Bad After All

I recently been promoting a new product called CosmicOrder from the Clickbank Marketplace. I promoted it on my fan page that has about 50k likes - I'll tell more about how I do it in one of my article soon. For now I'll show you the Clickbank cheques are real.

The cheque  shows you $108.49 commission that I earned from a sale generated when I am promoting CosmicOrder. I got it after 3 weeks from the day it was publish on my control panel of my Clickbank account.

So guys if you want to make extra income then learn about Affiliate Marketing.

Top 4 Sites Giving Me Money For Free

Now that you have your blog setup and perhaps you have more contents written then you probably would start promoting it. The very first thing is to share it with your friends and then share it to other social media sites. It’s not going to be easy but later on you'll get more visitors and followers visiting your blog time to time.

The next thing that you'll do is to monetize it. You see just like in the market place, you have bunch of people looking around and buying things. You probably interested of what they're buying, and so you must find out what your visitors are looking for. If you're blog is about food recipes then you'll probably put ADS in the sidebar such as Recipe Cookbook, Cooking or Baking utensils in your blog site.

So how do you find related products to your blog site that you could put into your blog?

Here are the top sites giving me the money for placing ADS on my blogs.

Google Adsense - you probably didn't notice them hanging on the many websites you've visited but do you know that this ADS are giving you free money simply by displaying their ADS onto your blog?

They pay whenever your visitors click on their ADS – 1 cents,1$, 5$ or 20$ or reportedly high as 150$ per click. Yes, heard me right, they pay you per click. You see how stupid they are to pay you every time a visitor in your blog clicks on your ADS. And I know how smart you are, so don’t be stupid clicking your own ADS or let others click it because they’re like CIA – they know what you’re doing.

ClickBank – it’s been around like a long time ago, many become rich because of them and many are happy because they pay high every time you make a sale. Unlike Google ADS, Clickbank will pay for every result or sale that generated from your referral link. Hundreds of different products that you can choose from their marketplace, just find which product that best related to your blog.

Peerfly – well this one is different from the two that I mention because the way they do business is through action perform by your visitors. For example if your visitors submits their email from the link that they click, you get paid as high as $2 per email. You could also make more money with them for every sale. Unfortunately some of their referral links are banned from facebook and so you will probably be promoting their product somewhere else.

Amazon/Aliexpress/Lazada – Yes they are accepting affiliates and they can give as high as 10% commission for every sale that you referred. All you need to do is sign up an account and then put some ADS with your referral link into your blog site. You could also send a referral link to your friend about the product, when he/she buys the product then you get a commission.

Well those are the 4 top sites probably the best I could recommend for you guys because they really pay for your hard work. I will be posting more paying sites that you could try too.

How To Make A Blog for Free

When you start your online venture you'll learn so many things and one of it would be blogging however not so many of you will want to write because it’s just not your thing. Just like me, when I started blogging, writing is not my thing. My English writing and grammar sucks during school days, and even today some of you might notice grammatical and clerical errors which I couldn't spot it. But hey, making money online it’s not just about writing and blogging, there are a lot more ways to earn money such as uploading videos on Youtube, posting status on Facebook, Creating facebook fan page, sharing photos, recommending products to your friend and even providing online services and a lot more. I will tackle those stuffs on my future articles.

I know writing is not your thing but if you feel like you want to blog then go ahead use www.blogger.com and sign up for free account. Having a free blogger doesn't hurt and in fact it’s the first thing you should do, and upgrade later using wordpress platform which you can do a lot more on it.

Like this blog, I am using blogger because I want you to see how simple it looks like and how  things were put together. I think when you see me doing this; you might as well duplicate what I do. But word of caution, please do not just copy and paste articles from anyone. Google doesn't like it; you'll know why when you start writing contents for your blog.

Why would you create your own blog?

  • Because anything you write on your blog could turn viral - which could likely be a great way to monetize it by putting Google Adsense and affiliate products.
  • Because content is king, when people search in the internet they might find your blog first before you competitors do. That way your blog will rank high and it means more money for you.
  • Because blogging is fun.

What topics are allowed to blog?

  •  Almost anything you can think of but illegal information is highly prohibited like drugs and guns – stuffs like that. 
  • The best thing to write is those that you are good at, maybe your hobby, projects, or perhaps write reviews about products and services.

So how do you start blogging?

  1. You need to sign for a free blogger account. Click here
  2. Choose a name or URL for your blog. Just like mine is www.affiliatemarketing4beginners.blogspot.com 
  3. Choose a template, well the simple the better.
  4. Start writing your first content. Maybe an introduction of yourself or company would be the first thing you could write about.
  5. The last would be to keep updating your blog with new articles, - write fresh and interesting articles. Then share it to the world.  

Its going to be fun for people who loves writing but a pain in the butt for people who would not like these stuff. But for those who can't write or blog then there are other places that you can actually hire people to do it for you or you can let the pros setup everything for but ofcourse for a price.

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Find out what type of guy are you before you start making online

I have a few friends asking if the western union showing an amount of 64k which I received from Google if its true. Yes sir/maam, it is the real deal bro. I would not post it in my facebook profile if it is not. I also have a video showing the money and the western union slip but I did not upload it because I don’t want to look like a networker or MLM trying hard to recruit my friends. I have been there before but it didn’t work out well on me. – Too Bad - L

I know some of you want the goods right away and earn money the earliest possible. Unfortunately there’s no magic wand, and just like any other business you got to work on it, you have to spend time, effort and money. But of all the work, you’ll soon realize the money you want to achieve – maybe more of what you desire.

Anyways guys, as I said I will post some tips but before that try to find out what type of guy are you when you start your online venture. 

For this post I am sharing 3 types of guy that you can choose to be.

 1. Hard worker  – this is the category where you will do all the hard work (researching, testing, promoting and etc..) Remember google is your friend, you can find all the information you need to know about affiliate marketing, creating website, optimizing website, choosing product and promoting it. If time is not a constrain and you’re the type of guy who want challenge and eager to learn more then by all means go for it. Www.google.com

2. Smart guy – this is the category that you register to a site that offers affiliate marketing course just like an academy click here à http://bit.ly/29YlhYA  they have video tutorials, forums, webinars and a road map to your success. The course may have monthly dues but for starters, the first may be free or may require a dollar to join. So if you can absorb all the information in a month then you may cancel before they debit your card for the monthly dues.

3. Lazy Guy  - well the category isn’t really that easy for new players because you still need to know a few technical terms. This is for the lazy people who let others do the hard work but pay a good amount of their service. They let the pro do it - setup website – choose product – optimize website and even go further by promoting website so that you’ll get the fastest ROI – however it’s not guaranteed.

Those are some of the 3 things that you can be when you start affiliate marketing and make money in the internet.

So what kind of guy are you 1, 2 or 3?