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Saturday, July 2, 2016

Find out what type of guy are you before you start making online

I have a few friends asking if the western union showing an amount of 64k which I received from Google if its true. Yes sir/maam, it is the real deal bro. I would not post it in my facebook profile if it is not. I also have a video showing the money and the western union slip but I did not upload it because I don’t want to look like a networker or MLM trying hard to recruit my friends. I have been there before but it didn’t work out well on me. – Too Bad - L

I know some of you want the goods right away and earn money the earliest possible. Unfortunately there’s no magic wand, and just like any other business you got to work on it, you have to spend time, effort and money. But of all the work, you’ll soon realize the money you want to achieve – maybe more of what you desire.

Anyways guys, as I said I will post some tips but before that try to find out what type of guy are you when you start your online venture. 

For this post I am sharing 3 types of guy that you can choose to be.

 1. Hard worker  – this is the category where you will do all the hard work (researching, testing, promoting and etc..) Remember google is your friend, you can find all the information you need to know about affiliate marketing, creating website, optimizing website, choosing product and promoting it. If time is not a constrain and you’re the type of guy who want challenge and eager to learn more then by all means go for it. Www.google.com

2. Smart guy – this is the category that you register to a site that offers affiliate marketing course just like an academy click here à http://bit.ly/29YlhYA  they have video tutorials, forums, webinars and a road map to your success. The course may have monthly dues but for starters, the first may be free or may require a dollar to join. So if you can absorb all the information in a month then you may cancel before they debit your card for the monthly dues.

3. Lazy Guy  - well the category isn’t really that easy for new players because you still need to know a few technical terms. This is for the lazy people who let others do the hard work but pay a good amount of their service. They let the pro do it - setup website – choose product – optimize website and even go further by promoting website so that you’ll get the fastest ROI – however it’s not guaranteed.

Those are some of the 3 things that you can be when you start affiliate marketing and make money in the internet.

So what kind of guy are you 1, 2 or 3?

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