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Sunday, July 3, 2016

Top 4 Sites Giving Me Money For Free

Now that you have your blog setup and perhaps you have more contents written then you probably would start promoting it. The very first thing is to share it with your friends and then share it to other social media sites. It’s not going to be easy but later on you'll get more visitors and followers visiting your blog time to time.

The next thing that you'll do is to monetize it. You see just like in the market place, you have bunch of people looking around and buying things. You probably interested of what they're buying, and so you must find out what your visitors are looking for. If you're blog is about food recipes then you'll probably put ADS in the sidebar such as Recipe Cookbook, Cooking or Baking utensils in your blog site.

So how do you find related products to your blog site that you could put into your blog?

Here are the top sites giving me the money for placing ADS on my blogs.

Google Adsense - you probably didn't notice them hanging on the many websites you've visited but do you know that this ADS are giving you free money simply by displaying their ADS onto your blog?

They pay whenever your visitors click on their ADS – 1 cents,1$, 5$ or 20$ or reportedly high as 150$ per click. Yes, heard me right, they pay you per click. You see how stupid they are to pay you every time a visitor in your blog clicks on your ADS. And I know how smart you are, so don’t be stupid clicking your own ADS or let others click it because they’re like CIA – they know what you’re doing.

ClickBank – it’s been around like a long time ago, many become rich because of them and many are happy because they pay high every time you make a sale. Unlike Google ADS, Clickbank will pay for every result or sale that generated from your referral link. Hundreds of different products that you can choose from their marketplace, just find which product that best related to your blog.

Peerfly – well this one is different from the two that I mention because the way they do business is through action perform by your visitors. For example if your visitors submits their email from the link that they click, you get paid as high as $2 per email. You could also make more money with them for every sale. Unfortunately some of their referral links are banned from facebook and so you will probably be promoting their product somewhere else.

Amazon/Aliexpress/Lazada – Yes they are accepting affiliates and they can give as high as 10% commission for every sale that you referred. All you need to do is sign up an account and then put some ADS with your referral link into your blog site. You could also send a referral link to your friend about the product, when he/she buys the product then you get a commission.

Well those are the 4 top sites probably the best I could recommend for you guys because they really pay for your hard work. I will be posting more paying sites that you could try too.

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