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Sunday, July 3, 2016

How To Make A Blog for Free

When you start your online venture you'll learn so many things and one of it would be blogging however not so many of you will want to write because it’s just not your thing. Just like me, when I started blogging, writing is not my thing. My English writing and grammar sucks during school days, and even today some of you might notice grammatical and clerical errors which I couldn't spot it. But hey, making money online it’s not just about writing and blogging, there are a lot more ways to earn money such as uploading videos on Youtube, posting status on Facebook, Creating facebook fan page, sharing photos, recommending products to your friend and even providing online services and a lot more. I will tackle those stuffs on my future articles.

I know writing is not your thing but if you feel like you want to blog then go ahead use www.blogger.com and sign up for free account. Having a free blogger doesn't hurt and in fact it’s the first thing you should do, and upgrade later using wordpress platform which you can do a lot more on it.

Like this blog, I am using blogger because I want you to see how simple it looks like and how  things were put together. I think when you see me doing this; you might as well duplicate what I do. But word of caution, please do not just copy and paste articles from anyone. Google doesn't like it; you'll know why when you start writing contents for your blog.

Why would you create your own blog?

  • Because anything you write on your blog could turn viral - which could likely be a great way to monetize it by putting Google Adsense and affiliate products.
  • Because content is king, when people search in the internet they might find your blog first before you competitors do. That way your blog will rank high and it means more money for you.
  • Because blogging is fun.

What topics are allowed to blog?

  •  Almost anything you can think of but illegal information is highly prohibited like drugs and guns – stuffs like that. 
  • The best thing to write is those that you are good at, maybe your hobby, projects, or perhaps write reviews about products and services.

So how do you start blogging?

  1. You need to sign for a free blogger account. Click here
  2. Choose a name or URL for your blog. Just like mine is www.affiliatemarketing4beginners.blogspot.com 
  3. Choose a template, well the simple the better.
  4. Start writing your first content. Maybe an introduction of yourself or company would be the first thing you could write about.
  5. The last would be to keep updating your blog with new articles, - write fresh and interesting articles. Then share it to the world.  

Its going to be fun for people who loves writing but a pain in the butt for people who would not like these stuff. But for those who can't write or blog then there are other places that you can actually hire people to do it for you or you can let the pros setup everything for but ofcourse for a price.

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